Jaaga Dhavani::Space Voice
picture of the installed sculpture

Jaaga Dhvani is quite literally the voice of a space – a sonic representation of the Jaaga art center imagined as a living corporeal entity.

Jaaga Dhvani is also a voice from space – the space around us in both our immediate and vast conceptions of place; an exploration of Jaaga , Bangalore, and India more generally as a site of collision between the global and the local, the high and the low tech, the very old and the very new.

Technically, the voice of Jaaga is composed of recorded fragments of its inhabitants, its language is derived from the syntax and lexicon of the web, its body is crafted from found objects inspired by tribal forms.

I began by stitching together recorded fragments from voices of the people that compose Jaaga to create a new, synthesized voice representing the individual as part of a whole.

Then I created an algorithm that would give this voice a language, composing its words from a reservoir of knowledge scraped from the web and bringing the global brain into the Jaaga body.

Finally I crafted a sculpture to give the voice a physical form and to further emphasize the hybridization between customs both ancient and modern. Electronics attach to steel as a complete organism, probing the tension between tradition and technology.

Write up in the Deccan Chronicle.

Short clip of audio I recorded from the installation:

Video documentation:

All the code is open source and available on Github.