Title Author Notes Publisher Date Where Website
Evolvable Components Lukas Sekanina Overview of evolving hardware Springer 2003 Berlin, Heidelberg, NY 
The mind, the brain, and complex adaptive systems Harold Morowitz, Jerome Singer  (editors) Antrobus essay on NN and dreams!, Churchland essay good theoretical, reduction etc. Addison-Wesley 1995 Reading, MA 
Memory and Dreams George Christos Spurious memories, theories of purposes og dreaming Rutgers University Press 2003 USA
Towards an Evolutionary Biology of language Joseph Lieberman Motor skills (pattern generators) repurposed for syntax
What is thought Eric baum Thought is the execution of special computer code that composes the mind.
Verilog Quickstart!  James M. Lee Intro to programming in verilog Kluwer Academic 1999 Boston/Dordrecht/London
Creativity (flow and the psychology of discovery and invention) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Represents social/domain view of creativity Harper Perennial 1996 New York
The Creative Mind Margaret A. Boden Lays out types of creativity well, ind. vs. historical etc.early chapters good Routledge 2004 London/NY
The Quantum Brain Jefferey Satinover Great discussion of CAM brain machine project and evolved HW John Wiley and Sons inc. 2001 NY/Chichester/Brisbane/Singapore/Toronto
Creativity and Beyond (Cultures, Values, and Change) Robert Paul Weiner Great coverage of the origin of the concept of creativity in the west SUNY press 2000 Albany, NY
The Neurobiology of Neural networks Daniel Gardner (editor) Good intro to NN theory, essays #5 - #7 good examples of tying NN to motor coordination and sensory data  MIT press 1993 Cambridge, MA
Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Startegies for Complex Problem Solving George F. Luger ch.10 on NN good intro, overview Addison-Wesley 2002
The Computational Beauty of Nature  Gary William Flake  Nice overview of biologically inspired computation. Good intro to Nns.
Verilog HDL Samir Palnitkar Intro to programming in Verilog Sun Microsystems Press 2003 Palo Alto, CA
FPGAs implementations of Neural Networks Editors: Amos R. Omondi and Jagath C. Rajapakse Springer 2006 Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems John Holland 1975
Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection John Koza 1992
Computational Statistics: an introduction James E. Gentle, Wolfgang Härdle, Yuichi Mori  Great explanation of Gas and selection methods
Cartesian Genetic Programming Miller and Thomson Abstract  Springer 2000 Berlin / Heidelberg
Introduction to Evolvable Hardware: A practical guide for designing self-adaptive systems Garrison W. Greenwood, Andrew M. Tyrell It is actually a pretty good practical guide, clear explanations of how to make things work IEEE Press, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Publication 2007 Hoboken, NJ
Evolutionary robotics: From algorithms to implementations Lingfeng Wang, Kay Chen Tan, Chee Meng Chew Nice demonstration of how EHW applies to real robotics World Scientific 2006 New Jersey, London, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chennai
Evolutionary Electronics: Automatic Design of Electronic circuits and systems by genetic algorithms Ricardo Salem Zebulum, Marco Aurelio C. Pacheco, Marley Maria B.R. Vellasco Good explanation of Gas and the underpinning biology CRC Press 2002 Boca Raton, London, New York, Washington D.C.
Evolvable Hardware Tetsuya Higuchi, Yong Liu, Xin Yao More of the same from the other EHW books, not quite as clear as Evolvable Components annotated above Springer 2006
Neural Networks & Psychopathology Dan J. Stein and Jacques Ludik (editors) Really good introduction to the subject. What are Nns and how do they apply to psychological research. Cambridge University Press 1998 Cambridge Ebrary
Hebbian Learning and Negative Feedback Networks Colin Fyfe The PCA chapter really helped me understand Oja and Sanger's rules and how it all related to other Hebbian learning Springer 2005 USA
Principal Component Neural Networks K. I. Diamantaras, S. Y. Kung Another source on PCA Nns. More confusing than others. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1996 NY, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore
Theoretical Neuroscience Peter Dayan and L.F. Abbott Another source on Nns for psychological research. More confusing than the others. MIT press 2001 Cambridge, MA, London, England
Creative Evolutionary Systems David W. Corne and Peter J. Bentley Amazing compendium of work in the field Morgan Kaufmann  2002
A Quantitative Model of Seminal Cognition: The Creativity Machine Paradigm (US Patent # 5,659,666) Stephen L. Thaler Claims to have invented a creativity machine. Noise as input to trained NN. Good explanation. Very similar to dream models and contextual relevance theories Adapted from the MIND II conference 1997 Dublin
“What” and “where” is design creativity: a cognitive model for the emergence of creative design Yu-Tung Liu Distinguishes b/t scopes of creativity; Csikszentmihalyi's social concept (where is creativity) and Simon's personal concept (what is creativity) IDATER 96 Loughborough University
Computers and Creativity Bipin Indurkhya Computers are naturally pre-disposed to be creative International Institute of Information Technology
Wandering Minds: The Default Network and Stimulus-Independent Thought Malia F. Mason,  Michael I. Norton, John D. Van Horn, Daniel M. Wegner, Scott T. Grafton, C. Neil Macrae Day dreaming study Science volume 315, no. 5810, pp. 393 – 395
A surprising connection between memory and imagination Greg Miller Memory and imagination share circuitry. People w/ amnesia have a hard time imagining future scenarios. Hippocampus and cognition linked. Ability to imagine/predict future bound to memory Science volume 315, no. 5810, p. 312
Designing Electronic Circuits Using Evolutionary Algorithms. Arithmetic Circuits: A Case Study J. F. Miller, P. Thomson, T. Fogarty Intro to approaches used for evolving circuits
Hardware Evolution: Automatic design of electronic circuits in reconfigurable hardware by artificial evolution  Adrian Thompson Thompson pretty much started the EHW field Doctoral thesis; published by Springer 1996
The 'Evolvable Motherboard'. A test Platform for the Research of Intrinsic Hardware Evolution  Paul Layzell Description of the project Research paper 1998
The sound gallery: an interactive A-life artwork Sam Woolf EHW thesis/art installation In the Creative Evolutionary Systems book, pp. 223-250
Evolving Hardware by Dynamically Reconfiguring Xilinx FPGAs Andres Upegui, Eduardo Sanchez Thesis in EHW Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Designer Genetic Algorithms: Genetic Algorithms in Structure Design Louis, S.J. And Rawlins, J.E. First paper in ehw field ICGA-91 in Proc. Of the fourth International Conference on Genetic Algorithms 1991
Explorations in Design Space: Unconventional electronics design through artificial evolution  Adrian Thompson, Paul Layzell, Ricardo Salem Zebulum Image and description of Thompson's evolved tone discriminator 1999
Palimpsest Memories: a new high-capacity forgetful learning rule for Hopfield networks Amos Storkey Pre-print online
Neural networks as models of psychopathology Lars Aackerlund and Ralf Hemmingsen Just what the title says Biological Psychiatry 43; pp. 471-482 1998
Continuous Learning in Sparsely Connected Hopfield Nets Ben Goertzel and Julian Troianov  Most neural nets are goal driven. This article discusses aproaches to continuous, changing learning IntelliGenesis Corp. online
Optimal Unsupervised Learning in a Single Layer Linear Feedback Network Terence D, Sanger The original sanger's rule paper Neural Networks, vol. 2, pp. 459-473 1989 USA
Intrinsic Embedded Hardware Evolution of Blocks-based Neural Networks Saumil G. Merchant, Gregory D. Peterson, and Seong G. Kong Student paper from U of Tennesee.
Neural Dimensionality Reduction for Document Processing Mathieu Delichère and Daniel Memmi PCA neural network for document processing  European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks 2002 Belgium
Neural Network models of Schizophrenia Ralph E. hoffman Neuroscientist 2001
Attractor Dynamics in the Hippocampal Representation of the Local Environment Tom J. Wills, Colin Lever, Francesca Cacucci, Neil Burgess, John O'Keefe Attractors in memory study on rats Science Vol. 308. no. 5723, pp. 873 – 876
Title Notes Link
BBC Reith lectures 2003 Vilayanur S Ramachandran on hantom limbs, language and sound, synesthesia
Cell matrix Reconfigurable platform for efficient evolution of circuits??
Carnegie Mellon AI group FAQ Great explanation of evo comp variations
PDP++ home page Free simulator for O'reilly examples in book
Peltarion blog This person has a free simulator for data mining and writes about various neural network/ data analysis stuff in a clear straight-forward way
Attentional deficits in schizophrenia: a real-world neural network Sounds like an amazing project proposal
Associative Memories: Hopfield Model Good Hopfield explanation
Neural Nets: Dr K Gurney Great online free NN book
Neural Networks at your fingertips Free code examples of many popular Nns
Introduction to Neural Networks with Java Code oriented explanation of Kohonen self-organizing map; part of larger book
Computer Vision Test Images Lots of image libraries from academia for computer vision. Many broken links.
Developments in Artificial Intelligence Interesting chronicle of the political nature of funding for research
Wikipedia on Artificial Creativity Interesting it was listed at all... Some decent links
The Further Exploits of Aaron the Painter AI painting robot
Computational beauty of Nature Source Code Helpful examples of lots of Alife stuff
Imagination Engines Inc. Stephen Thaler's Creativity Machine business
Connectionist Models of schizophrenia and delusional disorders Amazing bibliography of this kind of work and discussion
Connectionist Models of Mental Disorder Resource site
VIDA 5.0 – Carnevale This project inspired me years ago... I still like it.
What is reconfigurable Computing? Resource site
Eigenfaces group Great Eigenface library for Python